31 May 2009

♡ a peach sunset in brooklyn ♡

static electricity!!!!!!!!



andy's bbq.

27 May 2009

found notes 2

this was a to do list left out during one of my bbq's.. my friends are cute.

so i just found these.. a little while ago i was getting asked out and given phone numbers only from waiters... it was kinda weird...

22 May 2009

photobooth collection

wed night

i was walking down the street the other night drinking a 5 dollar kombucha drink as a special treat text messaging when all of a sudden out of no where i felt something... like a string on my right ankle and as i took another step forward that same feeling was around my left ankle and before i knew it i had not been able to take a full step and i fell to the sidewalk. my drink spills everywhere, cell phone slams to the ground, and i fall forward. i was so scared. i felt as though i was caught in a joke, a booby trap, someone set this up... when i looked to what had tripped me.. it was one of those tevek straps that go around boxes.. the whole situation was weird.. perhaps the universe was telling me not to go where i was going.... i went anyway.