28 September 2009

still short 01. 2005. trip to gallery.

i love this picture

this was taken in 2007. when i lived with matt and aj. we were a family.. it was nice.


i have been going through my old hard drives and i found these.. series of portraits of boys that i know. these were made in 2004

24 September 2009

the beginning

well it's been 6 years since i have screen printed.. these are the 1st ones!!! they were super rushed and just to test.. but still kinda cool.. i am very very excited for the next few months. the idea factory is fully functioning.... stay tuned to see what happens. xo

21 September 2009

a midwest wedding.

the brothers sprague

the brothers fast

the rehearsal dinner

my good friends amanda and quinn got married this weekend. they had a rehearsal dinner that i went to. there was fancy pizza, the best wine i have ever tasted, old friends, fire, and drunk moms. it was perfect.

wheaton with mom

my mom and i walked up and down downtown wheaton IL while my father watched the bears game. nothing was open because it was sunday.

19 September 2009

my parents house

i have come home for the weekend to go to my dear friends wedding and i have been staying at my parents house. i have not been in my home town when there are leaves on the trees in a very long time.. maybe 4 years... everything looks different and larger than i remember...