27 August 2009

I'm to sad to tell you. (click to link)

Crying is a powerful act; taking a photograph of oneself crying and putting it on the Internet is another matter entirely. It is a very specific cultural phenomenon and is in many ways much like a performance........



25 August 2009

moments from the palace. best bar ever!

the weekend. 22aug2009-23aug2009

went to the russian baths, saw inglourious basterds, rode in a car, went to the beach, went to cold springs ny, ate my 1st ever bacon cheese burger, found the doors, bob seger, and floyd on vinyl. it was all pretty sweet

23 August 2009

best sound ever


Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, 2009
Mixed media installation

22 August 2009

21aug2009. another glorious sunset.



from an old journal

from sweet lauren. xx

when i was crazy.


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