11 August 2009

barcelona 02

view from my apt. ↑ ↓

i am totally crushing barcelona!!!! well kinda. i have walked pretty much every street. i am not so good with going to tourist attractions because all the places i went today were closed... i will try again tomorrow or maybe it's not meant to be. it's SUPER hot over here. i think thats why this city is so chill... it's because lets say you were on your way to work.. you would need to stop at least 2 times to rest and cool off because it's so hot. for real.. i figured it out... other things to report... genie pants and dreadlock mullets, all the rage over here. so weird. not sure what the haps will be tomorrow but something amazing i'm sure. xx

OOoOoh and ps! my wish necklace i think is going to fall off soon!!! yeeeeeah! can't wait!

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