06 August 2009

krakow 03

so there a lot of old people in poland and a lot of what could be young people who look old and a lot of bookstores... the babes do come out when the sun starts to set. it's like greenpoint but more and no hipsters. they have a clothing store called greenpoint too btw. on the love front, i fell in love maybe 5 times yesterday. i didn't talk to any of them but i know we both cherished the few seconds we looked longingly in to each others eyes (all 5 times)

today i went to the photographic museum. it was so awesome. on display where many old photos from the 1820's that were actually good, not like the boring stuff we see in the states. there was a huge collection of cameras.. a baby camera obscura that was set up and working, a collection of the 1st field cameras, next where the roll cameras. i saw a lecia I and II. there was old school light meters, exposure charts and other amazing accessories. aaaaaahhh!! it was so cool. here are some good pics. x

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Ellen Warfield said...

i love your writings! keep falling in love my darlin! all the time. xoxo