08 August 2009

krakow 04 THE BBQ

so yesterday was event 1 of 2 for the wedding here in poland. i was soooOOOOOOOooo excited to have a real conversation with people as i had not really talked in 3 days. met up with taylor and hillary outside our gym hotel and we were off to the bus to take us to the BBQ. the drive was nice, there was traffic. there was not much of a country side to see because things where pretty developed. we arrived to the small town of Nowy Wiƛnicz about 45 minutes outside of krakow. the bus was HUGE and the roads were teeny tiny and i thought a few times the bus was going to tip over or get stuck. we finally arrived at the cottage where the BBQ was being held. the breeze was crisp and the smell of meat and sausage was in the air. the cottage was up on a hill and it over looked the castle.. kinda.. if you looked really hard.

the food was delicious, the drinks were better. Taylor Hillary and I decided to DRINK. We did that quite well, took amazing vid footage (video to come) and just relaxed on the polish countryside. It was a beautiful day all around.

On the love front.. there was so much love around me i felt satisfied and then there was this guy who wouldn't leave me a lone so he kind of ruined my chances of falling in love yesterday.

we took a bus back and alexi's mom (who is the coolest lady that ever lived) got us a bottle of wine to take on the trip back, which btw we did not need. wine, talks of tide stick and island weddings, we some how made it back to krakow. frolicking down the street we made it to the hotel. taylor and hillary go to their room, i go to mine to immediately change clothes and go on a hunt for the food. i was successful. i don't know where i went or what i got. all i have is a receipt in polish (obvs) and a fork as evidence.

moving a little slow today but so excited for the wedding!!!! i love love. xo

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