05 August 2009

krakow 1

this is the view from my window...

so i made it! while i was at the airport yesterday i decided i want to fall in love with as many people as possible on this trip. 1st up.. the bartender at the Munich airport. i forget his name, starts with an S. 33 Pisces from czech republic. he was very sweet and our love affair lasted a short amount of time but none the less it was fun. i arrived late last night, drunk, managed to get a taxi and made it to the hotel pretty quick. poland smells weird... not bad weird just weird..anyways got to the hotel, went on a mission for food. found a kebab place, got the meat, ate it and passed out! i wish i was taking pictures of all the food i have been eating. it's been amazing, even the air plane food. why can't america make yummy cute sandwiches that actually taste good and real?? more to come.

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