04 August 2009

travels.. day 1 and 2

sOOOOoo i took all these rad pictures of the sunrise while coming into Barcelona but of course i forgot my usb cords!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! hopefully i can remedy that situation. it is 4:45pm in Munich where i have been for a few hours. there was a flight delay on my 2nd connecting flight which made me miss my 3rd connecting flight so now i wait...it's ok though.. looking at all the people is exciting, i smoked a cigarette in the smoke box. gross but awesome. i bought some super cute pink chanel nail polish at duty free so painting my nails is in the near future and i think i am going to get drunk! i hope to reach poland before tomorrow. also i would like to add i have been up for almost 24 hours, i am starting to talk to myself out loud.

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